Original Work

All work is done in watercolor on Saunders Waterford Rough 140lb paper unless otherwise noted. Shipped in a tube with insurace.

West Harlem Market - 22" x 16" (2022)

I was walking around West Harlem during some errands in early March. These guys have their fruit stands set up directly outside of the Whole Foods over there. You can’t help but admire the hustle. Plus, their produce is better. I snapped a picture and bought some bananas for the walk home. The painting was born shortly after. 

Storms over Harlem - 22" x 16" (2022)

It had been raining non stop here in Harlem for about 3 weeks. I want to say we had around 3 days of actual sun during a 21 day stretch. It was weighing heavily on me so I decided to channel some of that energy into painting. I got up to my roof and painted the view. The clouds were incredibly menacing and carried a foreboding quality to them. Not soon after I began painting, the skies opened up and dumped a ton of water. I was able to finish the rest from the comfort of my apartment. Here’s hoping for some sun soon. 

East Down 125th - 22" x 16" (2022)

This was painted from the view at 125th street Station in Harlem. It was a relatively fast painting. I wanted to highlight some of the new construction and empty lots that have been popping up in the area. Lots of stuff has been phased out over the Pandemic years. It’s still as busy as ever. 

Jaundice - 30" x 22" (2022)

This is the liquor store on 3rd Ave near my apartment in Harlem. It glows this sickly yellow color, which I thought appropriate given the long term side effects of alcohol. I treated the painting as if it were a beacon for alcoholics. Another installment in my night bodega series. 

The Florist - 19" x 25.5" (2022)

Another entry into my series of nocturnal bodegas. I was on a walk to a friends place in Harlem when I saw a man making bouquets for the next day. It was getting to be winter so it was quite cold out. I asked to take his picture so I could paint it later. He posed, and I went on my way.   

THE 24TH HOUR - 27" x 18" (2021)

The painting depicts Miss Bubble’s Laundromat in East Harlem at around 11 pm. I used to spend quite some time here before I got a washing machine. Now, I just take peeks from the street. This is the third painting in my series of nighttime New York City bodegas. 

The Flat Iron - 22" x 16" (2021)

This was painted on location late in the summer of 2021. I had been taking the train around the city to paint and the Flat Iron was on my list. I set up somewhere with shade and got to work. The building was covered in scaffolding, so I did my best to blanace it with the fascade. Passerbys dilligently let me know they prefer it without the scaffolding. I was even lucky enough to witness a fight between two New Yorkers over who had the right of way in the crosswalk. 

It's Getting Late on fifth ave - 22" x 16" (2021)

It was a busy Thursday here at 55th and 5th, which is par for the course any day in New York. This was done on site late in Autumn, just before daylight savings would hit. There were plenty of people pouring out of Central Park, and an ice cream truck pulled in front of my view to serve them. Once he noticed me he apologized, gave me a cone for free, and backed out of my line of sight.

Sea Snakes - 16" x 22" (2021)

A couple of my closest friends walk the beach in Mexico after getting a little too friendly with a sea snake. We took pictures of the creature before “helping” it back into the Pacific Ocean. We didn’t know it at the time, but the snake was deadly. A friendly cab driver graciously informed us of the Yellow Bellied Sea Snake. A brush with death? Perhaps. 

Randall's Island - 16" x 22"

When it’s nice, I go to Randalls Island to skate around the park or spend time with friends. This was done on my birthday in May, during the height of the first wave of the pandemic. A little kid came over and watched me paint the entire thing. He had a lot of stories. He told me how his older sister is plotting his murder, about his favorite Lamborghini matchbox car, and how he could see the Coronavirus. He claims it’s yellow. I believe him. 

Washington Square Park - 22" x 16" (2022)

This is the first plein air of the year. I took the train to Washington Square Park and set up my easel amongst the mob of people celebrating the warm weather in March. It was sunny when I arrived, but quickly turned cloudy as I finished setting up my workspace. I haven’t been here since before the pandemic. Vendors were set up selling their wares (mostly marijuana) and NYU students gathered in groups around the various street musicians. The atmosphere was electric to say the least. I’m hoping to make another trip out here soon. I got done what I could on location and spruced it up when I got home. 

The shipment - 17.5" x 22" (2021)

Painted on site in NYC’s Chinatown on Grand street at around 10 am. This area is always busy. Ben’s Meat Market was accepting a mid-morning delivery of what one could only assume was meat. For how cold it was outside these guys were dressed lightly. 

Midtown over 2nd Ave - 11" x 14" (2021)

I was asked by a friend to dog sit while she was away one summer weekend. She has a high rise apartment with a balcony on 39th street, so I brought my painting arsenal to take advantage. It was brutally hot outside, so I was thankful for the cover. I did this painting twice, with this particular one being the success. We don’t talk about the failures.